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Group Retreat

Reset & Retreat ™

"Something's missing."

Have you ever joined a gym, purchased a self-help book, made New Year's Resolutions, participated in a "self-care" challenge, found an accountability buddy all with the best intentions only to quit because "life got in the way"? 

I know I have! I've been there and felt the shame and disappointment in myself for not doing more. When that happened, I would blame myself for not being enough or became resentful at family and work for "getting in the way." Sound familiar? What did I need? 

Two things: 

  • Support
  • Discipline

It's not hype; it's science! Having support from others while we work towards our goals increases our success and likelihood to follow through. Even the biggest introverts (like me!) need help to thrive. For a lot of women, discipline is the challenge, and it's not just you.  Even the most elite athletes have to work hard at training themselves when the thrill of starting something new!

I invite you to join me for six months of support & discipline with a new kind of 'R'N'R'!

Group Retreats

What Is Reset & Retreat

Six months of support, discipline, & transformation in a compassionate and no b.s. environment. Work with me, and other women, in a monthly retreat to evaluate your priorities, assess your life satisfaction, and take action while you live and create your vision! This is not another resolution. This is not another boot camp, accountability group, or "feel good but go nowhere" women’s group.    

It includes:
  • 6 monthly 2 hour retreats meet with other women in a monthly seminar.
  • Measuring progress through our self-care wheel & before and after the quality of life assessments.
  • Tried and true tools for life!
  • A “Take Action” tracker shared among the group & individual goal tracking that stays between you and me.


Why that time commitment?

 Change happens over time and with steady, disciplined steps. I want to walk alongside you while you take those steps- it may be hard sometimes, and maybe even uncomfortable- BUT that’s why we are doing it together! Six months gives you a chance to transform by DOING.

Is this psycho-therapy?

The short answer is “no,” the long answer is “sometimes.”   This program aims to heal the present, reconstruct the future while paying attention to the past.

We will be future-oriented and focused on making changes in a specific amount of time, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t pay attention to old patterns.

So will it be therapeutic? YES! Is it like one on one therapy? No, but at any time, we can book a one on session. 

Take care & be well,

~ Stacey S.

This cohort is FULL! Contact me for more information on the next cohort!
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