One on One Counselling

Counselling and Coffee

Meet with me in my office in Medicine Hat, Alberta OR virtually anywhere in Alberta with online video conferencing.  One on one work provides a secure and accepting space where you can unpack what needs unpacking. One on one sessions are typically 50 minutes long, progress centred and allows an opportunity to experience necessary but uncomfortable emotions.

This process can be enlightening and at the same time, intense. Often it is me validating your strengths while helping you work through barriers. 

When you meet me in the office, you will be greeted by reception or even myself. If you are early, you can have a seat in the spacious waiting area and relax. Once in my office, you are free to be comfortable in the space, bring water or coffee, take your shoes off, and breathe. I share the office as part of Medicine Hat Counselling Collective, and you can rest assured that your comfort and security are a priority. 

If getting to my office won’t work, I can meet with you online through video-conferencing. Though face to face provides connection, so can online communication primarily if you work away from home, live outside of Southeast Alberta, or if your schedule doesn’t allow the time. 

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