Relationship Trap Profile ™

Relationship Trap Profile

  • Do you need and want a change from your current love life?
  • Are you ready to break free from relationship traps?
  • Is a life transition feeling too much to handle?
  • Does regaining self-compassion and energy sound like a far-away goal?
  • Do you seem to attract the wrong person in love and friendship?
  • Are you ready to feel secure and confident?

Relationship Trap Profile

Using evidence-based techniques from Attachment Theory, Behavioral Theory, and information from your own history, I compile a profile that will help you get unstuck in love & life.

The Relationship Trap Profile ™ tool is a guide to making the unconscious patterns and behaviours, conscious. We work together to identify which trap you fall into and what emotions and actions lead to that trap.

The Relationship Trap Profile ™ can be a part of one to one work or a three-session package. Contact me to learn more.

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