How Much Do Your Services Cost?

My fees are in alignment with the Psychologists Association of Alberta, and I charge $190 for a single session, which is 50 minutes. 25-Minute Check-Up – $100 (for clients who have met their goals for counselling and want to maintain their gains)

How Do I Pay?

Your time is valuable, and your health is an investment. It is essential to honour the space and transformation you are starting, so we make payment arrangements before our work together. I accept Interac e-transfer, cash, or credit card. With your permission, I can direct bill to some third party insurance companies (such as Blue Cross, ABSEP, GSC, and Great-West Life) or complete the transaction when you pre-authorize a credit card. If there is a late cancellation or if you don’t attend, we acknowledge the space held for you and complete the financial transaction. These are not only business practices, but a practice to acknowledge your worthiness, investment, and the exchange of our time and energy.

Where Are You Located?

My office is inside the Medicine Hat Counselling Collective on 231 6th Avenue Southeast in Medicine Hat, Alberta a sunny city in Southeast Alberta.

I Live Outside Alberta, Can I Still Work With You?

That depends! I only practice as a registered provisional psychologist in the province of Alberta, Canada. If you are willing to travel, I would love to see you in my office in Medicine Hat, Alberta. I cannot practice psychology outside of my province. If travel is not an option, we can work together using video or teleconference.

I Don't Think I Need Psychological Services, Do You Coach?

The term "coach" often, but what does it mean? In North America, ANYONE can call themselves a coach and set up a shop! It is a buyer beware market, which makes it essential to check credentials and interview anyone you may want to hire. If you have specific goals to work towards, psychology will work. There are many benefits to hiring a psychologist: - We are regulated by a governing body designed to protect you; - you get the benefit of 6+ years of higher education and at least one year of mandatory clinician supervision; - psychological services may result in some tax benefits; - the cost may be covered through most major third-party insurers; - psychologists are specialists who are trained in the science of psychology and the art of connection. Plus we tell good jokes!

This is a Small City, What if My (neighbour, sister, doctor, parent, co-worker, etc.) Knows You?

The chances are that either on social media or in real life we will have some type of run in- this could look like my face showing up in your Instagram newsfeed, shared friends on Facebook, in line together at the grocery store, our kids go to the same school, etc. For the most part, just noticing each other in public is not a problem. I can't be your friend on social media or in real life, but acknowledge that our paths may cross outside the therapy room. If one or both us come to find we are connected to the same person/ people, it is a conversation to have in the counselling room. I will assess the relationship (along with consulting another psychologist). If there are no conflicts, then I will bring it up with you, and we can talk about your thoughts, feelings, and preferences going forward. If there is a conflict, and it would do you any harm, I would do my best to assist you in finding another counsellor and working towards a transition.

Will You Come Speak At My (office, women's/men's group, church, service club)?

Yes! Please send an inquiry through my 'contact us' page and specify the audience, dates, and topic. Some topics I speak on are: "Red Flags- Green Lights: Identifying What Works in Relationships"; "You Deserve: A WorkShop on Identifying and Taking Care of Burnout"; "Retreat & Hygge: Content and Comfort Everyday," and "Retreat & Reset: A 360 View on Transitions". If you have another topic in mind, please know that my niches are women's issues, relationships, professional and caregiver burnout, and successful transitions.

How Do You Give Back to Medicine Hat?

I do my best to give back to Medicine Hat between raising a family, continually learning, and practicing psychology. Giving to others feeds my soul and a few ways I do that is through offering women's groups at compassionate pricing, sit on the Medicine Hat Women in Business Committee, and provide trauma counselling for no fee. In my past work in the non-profit industry and on my own time, I started a Southeastern Alberta Chapter of Lean In, worked in preventing homelessness, and developed youth groups for teens who have experienced sexual violence. I was raised in small-town Saskatchewan in a hamlet surrounded by farms and ranches. Growing up, I developed the core value of community involvement and giving back. I look forward to continuing to serve the people of Medicine Hat the best that I can!

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