The Process

You’ve read through the website and now you’re ready, so now what?
The Process

You Learn

Read through this website and learn what it may be like to work with me. If you think you more information, fill out the Contact Me form and someone from my office will contact you to answer any questions you may have.

You Book

If you decide that it is a fit, you can either call to set an appointment OR book yourself using our online calendar. 

You Complete Some Forms

I will send you a link to an online intake and consent form. Sometimes I will also send you a brief assessment for anxiety and depression. I will also sign you up on my online portal so you can make appointments on your own and use the secure messaging feature if you have any questions for me.

The First Session

We discuss what has brought you to counselling: “why counselling, why now?”. We begin with the end in mind and identify markers of success. You will leave with the beginnings of a blueprint for transformation!

Second Session

The second time we meet, we check-in from the last session. What were the initial impressions? Any other thoughts? I may check in on your goals, and you may have more questions for me. Those threads we weaved in session one? We will look at them more closely and identify potential ‘loose threads’ that are getting in the way. You will likely have some tasks that I ask you to work on before our next meeting.

The Process

Subsequent Sessions

This is where the magic happens. We continually look at your goals and evaluate progress. I check in each session to see what you need so we meet at the same place. It’s uncomfortable, joyous, relieving, thought-provoking, tiring and energizing at once! Think of it as a classroom and your life is where the work happens. During this time, I will encourage your feedback on the process so we truly are working together.

Ending Therapy

Counselling begins with the end in mind. There are many reasons why people leave counselling: they feel better, they feel worse, too many barriers, etc…. In our work together, this is an ongoing conversation- my job is to help you, and honest feedback helps me, help you.

Ending counseling means turning the page towards the next chapter of your life. Sometimes people may seek out my services again, and sometimes the job is done. Regardless of how counselling ends, we discuss it together.

How Often?

Intensive Therapy

If you are in crisis, then intensive therapy twice a week may be right for you.


Weekly sessions are best if you are interested in making solid progress with your goals.

Steady Support

Every two weeks will be ideal for you to maintain the progress you made in therapy and if you want to start being more independent.

Light Support

Most of your areas in life are doing well, your concerns aren’t affecting all areas of your life. Every three or four weeks may be for you.


If you met your goals but want to make sure you maintain, then every 6 weeks-3 months may be the best schedule for you.

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